Most cosmetic procedures have a cumulative effect, but this does not mean that you will not notice improvements after the first time. I chose the top devices and facials that have the most visible results - all in order to look stunning already at New Year's parties.


It's worth starting with Hydrafacial, which is a good alternative to mechanical facial cleansing. The procedure is painless, less traumatic for the skin and leaves no post-inflammatory elements.

It includes cleansing, vacuum exfoliation and deep hydration with serums with antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid.

There are also additional options that the dermatologist determines for each patient individually, taking into account the condition of her skin. After the first procedure, a feeling of cleanliness and deep hydration appears. The face will acquire a healthy glow. The device has proven itself well for working with problem skin, teenage rashes and post-acne.

"Fire + Ice", iS Clinical

Express skin care option that takes just over 30 minutes. I usually sign up for this procedure in front of the red carpet in parallel with the styling. "Fire + Ice" based on the products of the iS Clinical cosmeceutical brand consists in alternately applying masks of hot and cold exposure, which contain active ingredients: extracts of apple seeds, green tea and sugar cane.

This provides an instant lifting effect, leaving the face looking rested and refreshed like porcelain. This effect lasts up to seven days.

The procedure is suitable for girls of any age.

Enzyme therapy DMK

The DMK enzyme therapy procedure is better known under the working name “mother of the bride”. It stimulates the lymphatic system, enriches cells with oxygen, promotes the formation of collagen and elastin.

Thanks to the powerful composition of the DMK brand products, an active effect is carried out at all levels: in the muscles, blood vessels and on the skin.

Enzymes act as an activator of the cells' own enzymes, stimulate lymph circulation, metabolism and immune functions. Aspartic acid, in turn, tightens and tones the skin, and also gives an instant lifting. Lysine acts as a stimulant for facial muscles, and oatmeal promotes the healing of microcracks, reduces redness, has a mild pain relieving and brightening effect. The superoxide enzyme (SOD) softens and shrinks scar tissue. I have been doing enzyme therapy for many years and only two weeks ago I realized that all this time I was not getting a 100% result.

But even those 50% suited me, although they did not delight me. Now I can say with confidence: this is a fantastic procedure, but not everyone can withstand it.

The first time the applied masks dry up and the muscles begin to move and pulsate, you may feel panic.

When you are unable to control your face and cannot move it, you feel psychological discomfort. This is the only procedure in which you experience physical discomfort, but the effect is definitely worth it to suffer a little!



The OXYjet procedure is a non-injection mesotherapy that enriches the skin with oxygen, provides hydration, and improves elasticity. Beauty cocktails are created on the basis of peptides and penetrate into deep layers through oxygen, delivering active components of special low-molecular drugs to the basement membrane. There are no age restrictions, but OXYjet is contraindicated for people with herpes and skin diseases. This procedure has an immediate result, but for a prolonged action you need to perform four sessions every 7-10 days. After the first OXYjet, a fullness is felt, the face is radiant due to the supply of oxygen.

Skin regeneration lasts 21 days - a clear visible result will be already after the third non-injection mesotherapy.

The technique includes the work of five attachments, and these are five stages of bliss! If you can get physical pleasure from manipulating your face, then OXYjet is exactly the case.


Microcurrent stimulation is an effect on the skin with weak electrical impulses. During its implementation, a slight tingling sensation is felt. Initially, the method was used to treat facial paralysis, and is now widely used in cosmetology and medicine.


In addition, I would like to note three excellent beauty devices that are available in Ukraine.


Biogenie Interface

I turn to Biogenie Interface when I need an aesthetic exit effect. It provides detoxification at the cellular level, shapes the oval of the face, gives muscle relaxation and immediate visible reduction in edema. In addition, the procedure restores the skin's elasticity, firmness and tone, and also affects the lymphatic system.

Microcurrents on it do not cause tingling sensations, since the effect is carried out through special sponges.

It's great to do this procedure every day, that is, a few hours before an important event.

Bio Ultimate Platinum

Bio Ultimate Platinum is an apparatus for working on the face and body, which provides a prolonged and lasting effect thanks to a special technology of constantly changing pulse frequencies, which guarantees no addiction. He has a wide range of programs for the prevention and treatment of skin aging, activation of metabolic and regeneration processes, as well as lymph drainage. I warn you that during the microcurrents on Bio Ultimate Platinum you will feel tingling and impulses, but this does not cause much discomfort.


Caci is a multifunctional machine with over 100 menu programs. The main functions are microdermabrasion (mechanical peeling), smoothing of wrinkles, exposure to LED light, microcurrent therapy, restoration of blood circulation and energy in muscle tissue, which restores skin elasticity and eliminates sagging.

The effect is especially noticeable in the area around the eyes, mouth and chin.

The device works with problematic, pigmented skin, and is also designed to treat acne scars. The wow effect is noticeable even after one session, but more serious tasks require a course of procedures. The main contraindications for microcurrent therapy are oncology, epilepsy, and the presence of implanted pacemakers.

Dermaquest C Infusion Peel

Dermaquest C Infusion Peel is a delicate peeling with orange stem cells and hyaluronic acid molecules. It is also called a "non-surgical lift".

This is an all-season procedure that has a powerful antioxidant effect and ensures the prevention of photoaging due to the fact that it actively regenerates cells after ultraviolet irradiation.

In addition, it smoothes expression lines, evens out skin tone and relief, moisturizes, tones and brightens. Of my two favorite peels, I chose C Infusion Peel, as it almost never gives off aggressive reactions. You can be sure that after it you will get a visible predicted result, and not a pig in a poke.